Upon its establishment in 1991, DOUZONE has been contributed for developing Business Management Solutions and reinforcing ICT competitiveness as one of the top leading ICT Companies in Korea.

DOUZONE's main business areas are ERP and Groupware etc. for business management solution.
And also focuses on IDC, Cloud Service, Digital Forensic and Certified Electronic Document Storage Service.

Enterprise Management Information

DOUZONE is not only no. 1 market share of ERP but also has an unparalleled market power in other enterprise management information software such as IFRS solution, Groupware, Mobile office and Electronic tax invoice.

Based on its market dominance in recent years, DOUZONE customers can enhance their competitiveness using a range of cutting edge Cloud services supported by DOUZONE.

Based on total security solution and security operation service for the system, network and PC etc., DOUZONE Digital Forensics Center (D-Forensic Center) provides various kinds of information security solutions. DOUZONE D-Forensic Center regarded as a company which providing high level of information security and information audit service with variety of forensic-related solutions with top trained national forensic experts.

Especially, DOUZONE D-Forensic Center provides a computer & mobile forensic, incident response, and IP theft. Many law enforcement, government agencies, corporations, consultancies, and law firms in Korea request for DOUZONE D-Forensic Service for their information security audit and digital investigations services.

Now DOUZONE D-Forensic Center expands the security services to overseas and helps to establish digital forensic system in many other countries.

Global Competitiveness
'World Class 300' is a Korean government project until 2020 to develop 300 of its global companies. As recognition of DOUZONE's key solutions, ERP, Digital Forensic Solutions and Groupware, DOUZONE has been selected for 2014 'World Class 300'. With the accumulated skills and experiences, DOUZONE will secure power for new growth and become a company that goes beyond Korea into the global world.

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